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Brazilian Network of Christian Educators

 Fulfill the sacred call of teaching good and what is good for the Brazilian people, aiming at freedom, order and progress of our country, raising the cultural level of our children and young people, through advising teachers and education professionals and supporting Christian education-related organizations.




Reach all Brazilian states, and their respective cities, with suitable members acting directly in the formal education of the Brazilian people and being agents of transformation for peace and progress in our country.


 Bring about radical changes in Brazilian education, cleaning up all the evil sown by the Marxist ideology in our Universities and Schools, in the minds of students and teachers.


To hand over to the Gidean churches the responsibility of interceding for the Educational Institutions of Brazil.

 Map all Universities, Colleges, Public and Private Schools and Christian Schools in each Capital.

 Distribute among Christian teachers and educators the reasons for prayer to be placed before the Lord by intercessory groups.

 Distribute among Christian parents the reasons for prayer for each city (in all states of Brazil)

 Do prophetic acts on behalf of Schools, teachers, students and parents

Raise the "Day of Affection", where the church next to the Public School will express its love for the School and take its affection with small demonstrations of love.

 Place in the tower of the gideons the names of Universities, Schools and, if possible, the names of directors, deans and professors and the leadership of the MEC to receive intercession.

 Prepare prayer requests and promote vigils, retreats and prayer and fasting strategies.

If possible, visit the Universities,  facilities and minister in prayer for quality education and brilliant students who stand out in Brazil and abroad.


  • Organize agendas with events for Masters and teachers, bringing Relevant Themes to the current moment that crosses the educational system in Brazil

  • Promote meetings for exchange of experiences and communion between teachers and students, including parents.

  • Share strategies and join forces with like-minded organizations that seek freedom of expression and the application of Christian principles in Brazilian schools and universities.

  • Disseminate works, books, audio-visual material of importance to expand the knowledge of teachers in favor of quality education.

  • Promote and disseminate works, books, including artistic material to raise the  cultural level of our students.

  • Study the problem of our teaching and present practical solutions to improve our education.

  • Encourage excellence in teaching and learning in our institutions.


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It is a non-governmental and interdenominational organization. Founded in 1997 in the city of São Paulo, based on a demand from Christian schools in various locations, seeking support for their constitution and development. Today it has schools and associated educators in most Brazilian states, growing continuously.

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AECEP currently represents the largest organized expansion of the Principled Educational Approach in the world, and that not only for Brazil but also for the missions in Africa. AECEP's first missionary initiative took place in 1997, when Cida Mattar, one of the founders of AECEP, was in Mozambique for the first time.

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 performance  Voluntaria is a non-profit Association of Professional Volunteers. THE  focus of action is the integral development of communities in situations of social vulnerability through education and volunteering.

Exists  formally since April 27, 2008. However, social development projects have been carried out informally by the team of volunteer professionals who founded the Organization, since 1992, through social projects. 

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We understand education in its broadest sense as the process of transmitting to the next generation knowledge and values that enable them to participate constructively in society. Educating a child is working on a life project, which is primarily up to parents, as those directly responsible for the results.

The Principled Approach to Education is a historic Christian method of biblical reasoning that makes the truths of God's Word the foundation of every subject in the school curriculum.


  • May the Lord mobilize the hearts of Christian teachers to unite   and seek the necessary changes for a deep cleaning in basic education  and academic of our Universities and Schools in general .

  • May the Holy Spirit lead us through every step of this change, inspiring wise and just laws for our education system.

  • May every evil seed planted in school and academic curricula be uprooted and give way to a good seed of freedom and progress for the Brazilian people, being a model for the world.

  • May the Lord give us brilliant Christian teachers in their careers and who bring innovation and excellence to our education and be appointed as models for Universities and schools in general throughout the Brazilian nation.

  • May we have laws that guarantee Christian students in schools in general and in universities the freedom and breadth to live their faith and develop an exemplary and successful school and academic life.

  • That moral principles be prioritized in teaching and that the family be respected and preserved as a guarantee of security for parents who entrust their children to schools and universities.

  • May we have Directors and Deans who value Christian principles in our Schools and Universities.

  •   That all Christian Private Schools value and prioritize Christian teaching, protecting their students from the Marxist ideology embedded in the curricula that may still be in force.

  • May the Lord give us Christian experts in different areas of teaching and politics to advance in knowledge and technology, being among the first in the world for Brazil's respect and progress among nations.

  • May we have the best schools in the world, from elementary school to our Universities.

  • May the number of illiterates in Brazil drop significantly and the nation be encouraged to study and advance in postgraduate courses in all the courses offered.

  • May all gender ideology be a thing of the past and that our young people, adolescents and children desire and have dreams of forming a family along Christian lines.

  • May there be the conversion to Christ of teachers and students and a new time and hope for your students and colleagues.

  • May young people, adolescents and children be freed and have new life in Christ.

  • That we have quality didactic material for an effective teaching of the necessary subjects approved by the MEC.

  • That there is discipline in schools and a patriotic feeling among students, encouraged by directors and teachers. 

  • Let there be mutual respect for the faith of students, colleagues and teachers in schools, guaranteed by fair laws.

  •   That parents have peace of mind about the teaching given to their children in schools, and that sexual and religious education is the exclusive task of parents and the family, their rights being respected.

  • May we have excellent teachers in all schools, being role models for their students, having unblemished moral principles and values.

  • That all schools that live in a precarious situation, with students addicted to drugs, drug dealers and/or rebels, can have help to strengthen discipline and promote peace, security and encouragement for teachers to act with due dedication, without violence.

  • That parents fulfill their role in the education of their children and leave to the School only the task of academic and professional training and that they can value the School of their children.

  • May there be a good interaction of the church with the Schools around it and that each church can sponsor, love and help the Schools and Universities close to them.

  • May there be respect, admiration and cooperation between directors and professors in each School and Faculties.

  • May we have young people with a vocation for teaching and who can offer excellence in the exercise of their profession as teachers.

  • May our children and babies be protected from all harm in schools and day care centers, receiving love and good examples from those who care for them.

  • May the Lord bless REBEC, which will bring together teachers and brothers linked to teaching in all the states of Brazil: may we fulfill the glorious call of the Lord in this generation: bringing protection to our students, wisdom and training for our teachers and security for the parents who trust schools in Brazil.

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