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This book tells the fictional story of a Brazilian missionary who goes to Angola, Africa, and has a ministry of preparing leaders for the church. In an unexpected episode, on a journey of the missionary named Daniel, his plane crashes in a region where a tribe lives that still lives far from civilization, and is protected by the local government. Despite the search for the plane, Daniel is reported missing, but his wife, who assumes her husband's ministry in Angola, believes he is  alive, and does not give up the search for him. whole story  even though it is fictional, it is a set of real situations that the author, who is also a missionary, has already lived, heard or seen his ministry colleagues live. The aim of the book is to demonstrate missionary realities and awaken readers to the life of a missionary and the challenge of what we can call apostolic passion.


About the author: 

Pastor Marco Feleiro was consecrated as a missionary along with his wife, Lilian Faleiro in 1989 by the National Baptist Convention - Brazil. and was ordained in 1990 as a pastor. He was already a professor at a theological faculty, this being his vocational ministry. He worked as a pastor in 10 churches, starting 5. The last church in 2017 was in Lisbon, before the release of this first book in the Kiula series, when he left to accept the challenge of returning to the academy in Luanda - Angola. In Angola, he was a professor at the oldest college in the country for 3 and a half years, from 2012 to 2015. Now he is developing a missionary project that he calls PROJETO MARDOQUEU, which involves the development of books like the one he launched in Angola: O Islam in Angola. 

KIULA: The Lost Tribe Missionary

  • Pages: 208

    Target Audience: Everyone 
    Contents: The Disappearance of Daniel, Daniel and the Journey.... (among others) 

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