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The book Youth Impacting the World and the life of my friend Brother Tony Ngula impacted my life.
Youth Impacting the World are strong; the Word of God is engraved in their hearts; and have already overcome the devil in Jesus' Name!
They never give up on their dreams, like Joseph, and fulfill them in the face of all obstacles, for the honor and glory of the Lord!
They are determined like Moses, they do not give up the presence of God in the walk through the desert to Canaan and consider the greatest blessing in life, to carry out the will of the Lord!
They are brave like Joshua. Cross the Jordan, take possession of God's promise, defeat your enemies and tear down the walls of Jericho!
They are righteous like the prophet Samuel. They are not sold for a plate of lentils, nor for thirty pieces of silver, nor for any price in this land! ......


About the author: 
António Ngula Chivinga, married to Cipriana Rosa Hossi Chivinga and father of 4 children: Ebenezer. Esanju, Esmeralda and Emmanuela. Lecturer with an emphasis on Brazilian and Angolan youth, Theologian, Graduated from ISTEL - Higher Institute of Evangelical Theology (Lubango, Angola), Graduated from ISCED - Higher Institute of Education Sciences of Universidade Agostinho Neto (Angola), Master's in Applied Linguistics from Metropolitan University of Asunción (Paraguay). 

Youth impacting the world

  • Pages: 229

    Target Audience: Young People 
    Content: young dreamers, determined young people, courageous young people, young people of integrity.... (among other topics) 

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