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"Account Johnny!" is not necessarily a book about this author, but about the Author to whom this writer dedicates each of the more than twenty texts that portray the manifestation  of divine grace and love, which cover from the miracle of your birth, to the present moment of your life. This is explicit in every story told here, and every title of every chapter highlights and translates that truth. 


About the author: 
Graduated in Tourism from UFMG (Univ. Fe. Minas Gerais) and in the Free Course of Theology of Charisma (BH/MG). Collaborator in the Ministry 24 Hours Before the Lord with the work of international expansion, has the cross-cultural missionary call. Paulista by birth and heart, he was born in São Caetano do Sul. He doesn't mind being called Johnny ! He is the creator and responsible for the Peacemakers Mission , with a focus on promoting reconciliation between individuals and families, being, for that, a facilitating agent. 

Tell me, Johnny!

  • Pages: 88 
    Target Audience: Everyone 
    Content: Tell Johnny! it emerges as a mobilization tool for the task of promoting peace through reconciliation. Each of the publications comes to fulfill this proposal, having its resources (in whole or in part) channeled to the viability of this mission. The laboratory, so to speak, for the establishment of the Peacemakers Mission are the streets of São Paulo, as well as those of Brazil and the globe. 

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