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The book Plots of Passion is based on real facts and emotions. It is the story of the pain and sin of a man and men, of a woman and women. It could be your biography as it was mine. It may not have an unhappy ending. How I didn't. But, it can also be the reverse of everything. 

Surprised by the pain I never thought I would live, my home was invaded by the bad day. Looking for answers, I found them in the life of Israel's worshiping king - David. 

Come watch the plot of passion that involved the noble king of Israel and walk with me. Chapter by chapter in a current and true story and see how this plot is tidy and capable of connecting lives. 

About the author: 
Mother, grandmother, cook and servant of the Most High God. Daughter of Rene and Idelguita Feitosa (in memoriam) that I love forever. 
Since always as a child, involved with the secret place of prayer, poetry, art and cooking (an art too), I wrote diaries as well as biblical studies, told stories for children, texts, gamblers, theaters, cooking recipes as well as writing books. 
I very much hope and pray that this book will change the lives of everyone who reads it.  



Passion's Plots

  • Pages: 104 

    Target Audience: Everyone 
    Content: David, the woman, sin, the prophet, after God's own heart.... (among other topics) 

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