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Susie - Unforgettable Warrior

Susie left a legacy that directly affects Brazil and the nations. She has planted eternal seeds in hundreds of thousands of hearts, which have produced sweet fruit and, in turn, filled with thousands of seeds. 


Her obedience to the Lord, her gentleness and wisdom in dealing with people, her dedication to the Kingdom of God and her surrender to the sovereign will of the Heavenly Father, made Susie a reference in her generation. Her fertile mind, full of productive ideas in evangelism, her missionary heart enabled her to fulfill the most glorious call for human beings: to be an authentic Christian. 


This book will take you to know a little of her history, seen through the prism of her mother, but, of course, that if she could write it herself, we would know the secrets of a life with God in her intimacy, with sublime revelations. 

About the author: 

Pastor Angela Valadão  mother of Pastor Susie and Dr. Sérgio Valadão. She is married to Pastor Paulo Cintra both are leaders of the 24 Hours Before the Lord Ministry. Working all over Brazil and the world, building prayer and worship towers 24 hours a day. Preparing the church for Jesus' return! 

Digital version of this book is available on Amazon: %C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=angela+valad%C3%A3o&qid=1617900144&sr=8-5

Susie: Unforgettable Warrior

  • Pages: 170

    Target Audience: Everyone 

    Content: Biography of Pastor Susie Valadão  writing  by her mother, Pastor Ângela Valadão Cintra 

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