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Perplexed but not discouraged 


Christ warned us of trials and afflictions, but we seldom think that these difficulties can be within the walls of our local churches and the confines of our ministries. Many Christians do not prepare for ministerial frustrations and disappointments, believe that the "world was out there" and are protected within the ecclesiastical bubble. 

The purpose of this work is to show, through biblical precedents, that even the first apostles went through great frustrations and tribulations in the church. They were attacked, humiliated, rejected and judged and even so they did not abandon the career that was proposed to them. They demonstrated that common men are exactly the earthen vessels that God chose to manifest His Glory and the Excellency of His Power. 

About the author

Hermes Caires Jr was born in Belo Horizonte, pastor, married and father of two. He was a missionary in China for seven years, working with various training, development and social welcoming projects. He currently lives in his hometown where he teaches Apologetics and Missiology at several evangelical seminaries.

Perplexed but not discouraged

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    Content: Spiritual men for material services, abandoned,  reject the message..... (among other topics) 

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