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Christian maturity 


Background - Although we recognize the great numerical growth that the church in Angola, in particular, and in the world in general, has experienced, we note, at the same time, that it is characterized by a childishness, relaxation and/or spiritual sloppiness, almost permanent by part of its members.
The aspects, attitudes and way of thinking described below can be visible within the Angolan church;
a) Search for Quimbandas or Sanas at the time of difficulty; indicating that Christ is not sufficiently  powerful to solve your problems and, at the same time, breaking your exclusive Landlord;
b) The most important thing is to be present at the Sunday service and, if necessary, never miss the Holy Supper service. Throughout the week, spiritual health doesn't matter so much.
c) Reading the Bible, studying it is the task of the pastor, evangelist, of the leaders only, because it is laborious and takes up time. The "ordinary member" should limit himself to waiting for the preaching on Sunday morning.......


About the author: 
António Ngula Chivinga, married to Cipriana Rosa Hossi Chivinga and father of 4 children: Ebenezer. Esanju, Esmeralda and Emmanuela. Lecturer with an emphasis on Brazilian and Angolan youth, Theologian, Graduated from ISTEL - Higher Institute of Evangelical Theology (Lubango, Angola), Graduated from ISCED - Higher Institute of Education Sciences of Universidade Agostinho Neto (Angola), Master in Applied Linguistics from Metropolitan University of Asunción (Paraguay). 

Christian maturity

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